1 BTC to TRY

1 BTC to TRY parity has a price that varies instantly in different stock exchanges. 1 BTC is traded at ₺50,922.24 at the publication date of the article. It is a matter of curiosity that this rise of cryptocurrencies that started in January with a big uptrend will continue next week. After the developments in 2020, there was a big upward fluctuation in cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have responded to these global events with an increase.

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How to Trade Bitcoin

If you want to trade with the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin, there are some requirements you need to fulfil. With Cointral, you can purchase Bitcoin in many ways. If you wish, you can make online transactions with your credit card by entering cointral.com, or you can start your Bitcoin trading transactions by visiting our branch.

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Will Bitcoin Halving Affect the BTC Price?

Since 2009, the Bitcoin Halving has only happened twice. The third halving event will take place in May 2020. Previous Bitcoin Halvings had a serious impact on the price. In order for the 1 BTC price to be affected by the halving effect against TRY, we will have to wait for the date of the third halving event, May 2020.

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