Bitcoin is an instantly variable cryptocurrency. Accordingly, on the date of publication, 1 BTC is traded at $8771.67.

1 BTC to TL

Since 1 BTC is $8771.67, when converted to TL, it is traded at ₺51.647,48. (Based on the date of publication).

What is BTC?

Bitcoin (BTC) is the name given to a non-institutional consensus network using Blockchain technology. Accordingly, users can transfer directly to each other in the system without using any tool.

The transfers to be performed are recorded in a decentralized distributed recording system. This system is called blockchain. Transfers in the Bitcoin network are called BTC (Bitcoin), the value unit of the network. BTC is also defined as cryptocurrency due to the encrypted structure of the blockchain. BTC is not physically used. It is produced entirely digitally and is transferred over the network between peers.

What you need to do to buy BTC with Cointral

With Cointral, you can purchase 1 BTC or 1 Satoshi, that is, 0.00000001 BTC. You can subscribe to the Cointral Exchange platform and perform cryptocurrency transactions with your digital assets. KYC process is very important in Cointral Exchange. We aim to verify your credentials and ensure that you can operate securely.

On the other hand, purchasing BTC is very easy with Cointral. If you wish, you can buy BTC with credit card online at cointral.com or by visiting our Cointral branch.

You can also have insights about BTC and shape your investments by browsing content on our blog such as Bitcoin 2020 Predictions.

How long the process in BTC purchase is completed?

The transaction speed in trading transactions varies from approximately five to twenty minutes, depending on how long the block is included in the network. If your transaction is large in size (1 BTC and more), it may take longer depending on the block capacity.

What is the Crypto Money wallet address?

Cryptocurrency wallet address is the name given to the addresses consisting of 26-35 characters. When trading at Cointral branches and Cointral Exchange platform, you can easily obtain a crypto wallet address.

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