5 Blockchain Initiatives Expected to be Globally Effective

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5 Blockchain Initiatives Expected to be Globally Effective

Some initiatives may only have a local impact, while others have a global impact. Here are some Singapore-based initiatives that are expected be successful globally. If you want to read more content about innovative Blockchain initiatives, you can visit our blog.

Whats Halal – Food

This Blockchain initiative includes Muslims. One of the biggest problems of Muslim people is the question of whether the food that comes before them on their trips abroad is of Halal origin or not. Whats Halal initiative presents us restaurants that produce halal food. Whats Halal aims to bring the verified data into the Blockchain system.

Enjin – Gaming

With the development of technology and internet, digital games attract great attention. Many communities have emerged around the world, and Enjin wanting to connect gamers to each other, has a system that can support more than 20 million registered players. Blockchain is used in certain areas of data validation and services. This enables a much faster flow.

Mass Vehicle Ledger – Automotive

Mass Vehicle Ledger (MVL), which aims to solve various problems of the automotive industry, stores the vehicle data of all used cars in the Blockchain system. It aims to create an ecosystem that connects the important information of the vehicle such as technical services, auto dealers, and car rental companies as the content of the stored data. Blockchain system keeps records of all of its activities throughout the lifecycle of the vehicle.

In our previous articles, we have explained how safe the blockchain systems are. In this system, access to the data will be under the authority of the vehicle owner.

Indorse – Data

Social networks sell user data to earn revenue for many services, such as ISPs, service providers, websites, and so on. This destroys the wall of privacy and security. Indorse LTD., addressing this data problem, is working on a Blockchain application to help users control their data.

Rate3 – Digital Assets

The last Blockchain initiative on our list is Rate3, which plans to build a bridge between the digital and physical needs of businesses. The Rate3 initiative is developing a Blockchain-based system for the digital identification of physical assets. You can also explore the importance of using cryptocurrency for your business by checking out our article “the Benefits of Using Bitcoin for Business”.

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