5 Famous Names of the Crypto Money World

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5 Famous Names of the Crypto Money World

The majority of the iconic names of the crypto money world play an active role in social media. This provides a great advantage to the investors and makes it easier for them to understand what is happening in the sector. Crypto-rich people in social media are leading the market with what they share. However, the major iconic names in the crypto money market have a large audience on social media. In this list, we will list 5 famous crypto rich people who are leading the crypto money world through social media. You can find more detailed information by reading our article “Popular Bitcoin Riches” on our blog page.

  1. Justin Sun

Tron’s founder Justin Sun is in the top of the list, based on WebCelebs ranking. Sun is now known as the most famous name in the cryptocurrency world.

Justin Sun, who has 1.92m followers on the big social media channel Twitter, is one of the crypto rich people who use Twitter very actively. This affects the crypto money market to a great extent.

  •  John McAfee

John McAfee, the founder of the famous antivirus software McAfee, has become one of the most important people in technology today. McAfee, who has left the US for major reasons in recent years, is constantly moving around different parts of the world, adopting a sort of nomadic lifestyle. McAfee, with 1.06m followers, closely follow the crypto money market.

  • Vitalik Buterin

The third person on the list is Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum. It is not surprising that we see him on the list because he is the founder of Ethereum known as “Oil” of the cryptocurrency world.

Buterin has an audience of 879,000 on Twitter, sharing updates about Ethereum via social media and giving a big direction to the market by sharing news from the cryptocurrency world.

  • Charlie Lee

In the fourth place on our list is Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin. Lee, who also serves as the company’s general manager, is one of the crypto giants who actively use social media. Lee, one of the leaders of the sector with 835,000 followers, had a big reaction in December 2017 because he sold all his LTCs.

  • Roger Ver

Roger Ver, one of the biggest entrepreneurs of the cryptocurrency world, is at the end of our list. Ver, with many investments such as Bitcoin.com, Blockchain.com, BitPay, Kraken, has also contributed greatly to BCH, Bitcoin Cash. Ver has 591,000 followers on Twitter.

Roger Ver’s relationship with Bitcoin Cash has been welcomed by a number of people, but some people think that he made a mistake with Bitcoin.

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