According to OKEx, Turkey May Be the New Cryptocurrency Center!

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According to OKEx, Turkey May Be the New Cryptocurrency Center!

In Turkey, the cryptocurrency sector has a structure that is changing every day. Major cryptocurrency exchanges operating in our country are opening offices in Turkey.

On the other hand, an important development was the inclusion of blockchain technology in the economy plan prepared by the government. The world famous cryptocurrency exchange OKEx prepared a report. According to this report, Turkey stands out as a very suitable country to become the new center of cryptocurrency.

Per the report, it was informed that 1 out of 5 people in our country is in relation with cryptocurrencies. However, the accuracy of this statistic is disputable. The issue titled “Increasing local blockchain developments” stated that the government will support a national blockchain infrastructure. Another headline in the report emphasizes that the cryptocurrency purchase transactions has increased rapidly in Turkey and that many people continue to enter into the market.

Takasbank, one of the clearing agencies in Turkey, recently launched the BiGA project, a gold trading platform with blockchain infrastructure, to contribute to the banking industry. One of the details in the report points out that Aktif Bank, one of Turkey’s largest privately-owned investment banks, established a crypto exchange.

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All things aside, major cryptocurrency exchanges have put Turkey under the scope. They follow closely what is happening in the country. Binance, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, offered Turkish cryptocurrency trading options to Turkish users. The cryptocurrency exchange Huobi, headquartered in Singapore, does not hesitate to make big steps in TL. Such developments show that it will not come as a surprise that Turkey will become a center in the crypto sector.

The report also mentioned the blockchain summit held in our country last year. Many economists, cryptocurrency experts and well-known individuals in the industry attended this summit.

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