Altcoin Graphs

The cryptocurrency sector uses live price charts like in the traditional system. Users can instantly see the prices of any cryptocurrency, or they can browse price history charts and statistics. Cryptocurrency users can easily see from the current news and graphics whether the price is in an upward or downward trend by closely following the developments in the sector. Users who try to make a profit in the short term with arbitrage should first have to know how to read cryptocurrency charts.

How are cryptocurrency charts examined?

Cryptocurrencies, which are getting more and more popular day by day, create high profit opportunities with instant price increases. Such rises are extremely important for investors. Cryptocurrency users must have a basic knowledge of reading cryptocurrency charts in order to make conscious investments.

Cryptocurrency graphics are technically evaluated. Analysis of charts is of great importance for investors. During the purchase and sale transactions, earnings can be increased by using these analyses. By predicting the trend of the market, investors may find the opportunity for the right investments.

It is necessary to learn basic information to read cryptocurrency charts. Users, lacking the basic knowledge, encounter an incomprehensible picture when they try to analyze charts and this may negatively affect their investments. After learning the basic concepts, the user can get experienced by following the graphs of daily market. While there are many data providers, cryptocurrency charts are basically similar.

Candlestick Chart

There are lines and rectangles that form the candlestick chart. The candlestick chart contains the price information of any cryptocurrency at any given time. There are data about cryptocurrencies for that time period. These data can be listed as follows.

Starting price

Closing price

Price direction

Highest price

Lowest price

Percentage of Movement

Transaction volume

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