Attention to the $ 10,000 level in Bitcoin!

Cointral Marketing Manager
Attention to the $ 10,000 level in Bitcoin!

Bloomberg, one of the most followed economic channels in the world, it warned that Bitcoin, which is having trouble passing $ 10,000, is in a dangerous area.

The report shows that a key indicator after Bitcoin’s rally in October is that Bitcoin is entering high levels of buying. It is at 70 levels, putting pressure on the price, which means that the fall may begin soon.

The biggest cryptocurrency in the market, it has been facing strong resistance at 10,000 USD these days. the Experts examining Bitcoin price movements, BTC in August at the level of 12,000 USD in the traded, but the resistance can not break the value of 2,000 USD in two weeks compared to the period. The common consensus seems to be to break this barrier so that Bitcoin can enter a sustainable upswing.

As is known, the South American country has been in economic trouble for a long time. Argentina’s Central Bank of the economic crisis in the country recently banned the purchase of cryptocurrency by credit card. As a result of the strict measures taken for cryptocurrencies due to this development, there has been a significant increase in cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. Ripio, one of the most important cryptocurrency exchanges in Argentina, rose to 12,300 USD, ie 735.325 Argentine Pesos.

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