Bad News for Justin Sun!

Cointral Marketing Manager
Bad News for Justin Sun!

Tron Foundation CEO Justin Sun recently announced that he had purchased Steem. Although Sun’s move pleased Tron investors, it was not welcomed by the Steem community as a positive development.

There has been a lot of debate lately between the Steem community and Justin Sun. The biggest concern of the Steem community was that Justin Sun was trying to take over the network.

Steem Community is Looking for a Solution

With Justin Sun purchasing a part of the Steem network, some Steem users have reported that they no longer want to use the Steem network and decided to set up a new hard fork.

As a result of this hard fork, which will take place on March 20, tomorrow, a new platform called Hive will be established. The Hive team, which will use Steem codes, will organize a special airdrop for Steem users after the platform opens.

The Hive team, which aims to establish a decentralized platform, is run by the collaboration of more than 30 developers. The Hive team will start using Steem codes for the new cryptocurrency, and then start producing and developing their own products.

The Hive team has announced the cryptocurrency to be created as follows:

“The ultimate goal of decentralization, the idea behind Steem has always been to eliminate the singular authority figure and continue as a community. We rely on talented names in our own ecosystem to speed up the development of our project. We have never withdrawn from our goal of always being decentralized and that is why we need Hive. ”

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