Bitcoin, $ 1 million on this date.

Cointral Marketing Manager
Bitcoin, $ 1 million on this date.

The experts ‘ research, taking into account dollar inflation, revealed when it would be 1 million USD.

While the debate on whether Bitcoin will enter the bull market continues, some market experts are investigating the future price-based changes in BTC / USD.

Without regard to any price increase on Bitcoin, the results of the survey, which is carried out only on the basis of inflation, are very striking. If the price of Bitcoin continues without an increase, the calculation made on a fixed rate of inflation of only 2% shows that Bitcoin will be worth 1 million USD by the year 2250.

The calculation is based on the logic that the total supply of Bitcoin is limited to 21 million and is a static asset, whereas the dollar has an unlimited supply and may vary.

Experts in the statement revealed other striking results. For example, an investor who invested 100,000 USD in who’s bank account last year only has a purchasing power of 98,000 USD compared to the time he invested the money. This time – consuming situation eventually destroys the purchasing power of money.

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