Bitcoin Cash Meetings Are Held Virtually Due to the Virus!

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Bitcoin Cash Meetings Are Held Virtually Due to the Virus!

Important decisions and precautions are taken regarding the coronavirus epidemic worldwide. Solutions for gathered meetings are sought for people who want to stay away from the crowd in the crypto industry. The crypto community in Japan has stepped up to hold meetings remotely.

According to Cointelegraph, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) meeting groups in Tokyo and Osaka will participate virtually in the planned events.

Japan, along with companies and organizers in the country, is creating alternative ways to prevent the disease from spreading. It is recommended that people work from home and not prefer public transport or attend meetings with a large number of people.

The Bitcoin Cash meeting group in Tokyo was planning to hold two meetings in March. However, these meetings were canceled due to the coronavirus epidemic. The Bitcoin Cash meeting group planner, Akane Yokoo, informed the group members that on 17 March the meetings could be held on a virtual environment:

“Our virtual meetings will start on Wednesday, March 18 at 7:30 in the evening. We plan to continue holding our virtual meetings every Wednesday, at the time that we would normally have physical meetings. ”

Physical meetings will not be interrupted

Japan, one of the first victims of the coronavirus epidemic, has great difficulties with personal care products. It is very difficult to find products such as masks and hand sanitizers. For this reason, it is difficult for those in the risky group to attend physical BCH group meetings. He said that those who are safe and comfortable can attend physical meetings if they take the necessary measures:

“We don’t want to encourage our members to go out, but they should be free to do what they want. Businesses will be open as usual if they want to participate physically. ”

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