Bitcoin Gold Buy

Bitcoin Gold Buy

To purchase Bitcoin Gold, you can visit the Cointral Dubai branch or Cointral.com. Bitcoin Gold (BTG) price, like other cryptocurrencies, has a live price chart. Before mentioning Bitcoin gold prices, it is useful to explain what BTG is.

Due to the big declines of Bitcoin in the past years, some problems between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash have emerged. Consequently, the community, who wanted a decentralized network better than Bitcoin, realized this desire with hard fork and launching a new crypto currency called Bitcoin Gold.

One of the biggest differences between Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin is their purpose. BTG’s goal is to be a more reliable and good cryptocurrency than Bitcoin. Bitcoin Gold is designed to be very resistant to miner devices called ASIC. Gold uses the Equihash algorithm and PoW algorithm.

All algorithms BTG uses are known for being resistant to ASICs and functional in Zcash. The purpose of this main and structural change is to provide Bitcoin mining with CPU and GPU instead of paid applications as in the early days.

BTG is designed in such a way that a total of 21,000,000 will be mined, just like Bitcoin. The 1% slice of Bitcoin Gold has already been mined, and the coins from the mining process are said to be in the hands of the owners of Bitcoin Gold. In addition to creating distrust, this situation has led to the possibility of many Bitcoin Gold users being defrauded.

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