Bitmex Leaked User Information!

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Bitmex Leaked User Information!

Bitmex, one of the most used cryptocurrency platforms, as a result of a mistake it made, it disclosed thousands of its members ‘ emails.

The Bitmex team forgot to use the blind copy feature in its bulk email and revealed the information of its thousands of members.

As a result of this error made by Bitmex hacking event on the platform does not occur, users’ personal information may be useful to hackers. Someone in the cryptocurrency community say hackers could have orchestrated a large-scale attack using leaked mail addresses.

In a statement from Binance

Immediately after this infiltration at Bitmex, Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, warned its customers on social media platforms; ‘’ We are aware of the large-scale user email leak from another cryptocurrency exchange. If you are an affected user and have a Binance account under the same email address, we recommend that you change your email immediately! ”

Twitter warns phenomena

Crypto Loomdart, one of the Twitter phenomena, In his tweet about infiltration, he seems to be very similar to Bitmex. I recommend people change their Bitmex account email address, (Make sure at least 2-factor verification is enabled and you have changed the password. Your e-mail address may be compromised and hackers may use it to kır crack databases and similar passwords.) using the expression.

Bitmex team is a follower of the event

Immediately after the event, BitMEX made a statement on its Twitter account; ‘’ We are aware of an email privacy issue impacting our customers. We have identified the root cause and will be in touch with any users affected by the issue. See our blog for details’’

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