Blockchain Test Drive From Ford

Cointral Marketing Manager
Blockchain Test Drive From Ford

On Tuesday, Germany’s automotive giant Ford announced that it would use a block chain to monitor and automatically implement fuel-efficient driving modes for its fleet in Cologne. This development was also shown as part of a wider pilot program in London and Spain.

Ford, in cooperation with the City of Cologne, controls the geographical boundaries. He is experimenting with 10 hybrid electric vehicles with cellular modems. The vehicles automatically switch to the electric driver when they enter low-emission areas. Metadata such as miller, which is driven as the vehicle enters and exits an area, will be recorded on the blockchain.

The Pilot will provide feedback on the problems municipal officials face in managing and implementing low emission zones by transmitting data to authorities in real time.

“The safety, trust and transparency of emissions data is of paramount importance to all our stakeholders in this project and clean air in the city will be key to our vision,” said Gunnar Herrmann, chairman of the board of Directors of Ford-Werke GmbH.

The pilot is part of Smart City Köln, a joint program that promotes climate protection and energy transition.

It will also work with the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI) to implement automatic payments for tolls, parking lots and similar vehicle payments from 5 major automakers, including BMW, Honda and Ford.

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