BlockDown 2020 Online Conference

Cointral Marketing Manager
BlockDown 2020 Online Conference

As mentioned in previous news, Akon, who is building a city and has a crypto coin named Akoin, is coming together online in BlockDown 2020 with investors and industry participants including many famous figures like Bitcoin CEO Roger Ver and Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song.

The event will be held with the contributions of EAK Digital in which there will be various activities as well as proposition of business ideas. Participants will be able to communicate with famous names. In addition to these advantages, special 3D avatars, live illustration drawings stand out as important details for establishing communication in virtual exhibition spaces and special online spaces.

After each opening speech, participants on a private online chat will be able to submit their questions to famous names. In the same way, question-answer sessions can be held.

Erhan Korhaliller, the founder of BlockDown and EAK Digital, stated that the main purpose of the event was to bring together users and investors, just like in a live event, to brainstorm business ideas in this field. Korhaliller continued his statements as follows:

“BlockDown 2020 is an excellent opportunity for everyone in the industry to come together in a difficult time and enjoy the networking and interactive benefits of an online conference. It was very important for us to make the event affordable and accessible to everyone and we hope to host a global audience. ”

The event will be held on April 16-17. The duration of the event is set as 2 days. You can visit the Blockdown website to join the event and become a member.

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