1.1) Cointral Logotype

Cointral symbol and Cointral logotype are used together. “Cointral Logotype on the following pages refers to this association. The preferred application of the Cointral logotype is as follows. Alternative color applications of these two basic elements are given later in the manual.

1.2) Cointral Symbol

Cointral’s symbol comes from Blockchain. The Cointral symbol is usually used with Cointral inscription. All information about Cointral corporate identity can be obtained from Cointral Corporate Communications Directorate.

1.3 Cointral Logotype Overlay

If the Cointral symbol and the Cointral lettering are used to be small enough to make it difficult to read and perceive when used side-by-side, then the use of the top / bottom may be mandatory. Cointral symbol and Cointral lettering are not preferred. The size ratios of the Cointral symbol and the Cointral lettering should never be altered.

1.4 Security Area

The minimum area (Safety Area) recommended to be left around the Cointral logotype-denoted by “x1” and “x2” below – should be as high as the height of the miniscule letters. It may not be possible to enforce the Security Area rule on both sides in tight spaces.

2.1 Correct Use of the Cointral Symbol

The Cointral symbol must not be changed or deformed for any reason. In the following areas, the usage colors are indicated.

2.2 Misuse of Cointral Logotype

Cointral logotype cannot be used for any reason, right, left, up, down, not shown in the enterprise. The uses in the image below are incorrect.

2.3 Correct use of Cointral logotype on different substrates is as follows.

The color of the cointral logotype depends on the color value of the substrate. In order to make it more legible, the logotype must contrast with the ground color.

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