BTC Exchange in Dubai

BTC Exchange in Dubai

The leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin is one of the most preferred cryptocurrencies for trading. Many users around the world are looking for reliable exchanges and centers to buy and sell Bitcoin. This is due to the investor’s desire to protect their assets by making transactions in a safe place. So how are Bitcoin trading transactions done? Below is the answer.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin with Cointral

You can perform many advantageous transactions with Cointral, Bitcoin and altcoin trading platform Cointral. You can visit our Cointral Dubai branch and make your transactions with the help of our professional team. You can also trade on Cointral.com. By becoming a member of Cointral, you can perform trading transactions by taking advantage of the low commission rates and the high liquidity provided by international exchanges.

You can make your short or long-term investments, and you can benefit from features such as margin trading, arbitrage and stop-limit. Sign up now to become a part of the advantageous world of Cointral, aiming to provide a simple and secure service to users with high-level security center!

What is Margin Trading?

Margin Trading is a method of trading assets with the use of funds provided by a third party. Using margin trading on Cointral allows users to reach higher values ​​in comparison to standard trading. In this way, it allows users to use leverage in the positions they choose.

The underlying trades of margin trading strengthen transactions to enable users to earn much larger profits after successful trades. The capacity to grow in trading results makes margin trading effective and popular in markets with low price fluctuations. Margin trading can also be used in commodity, stock and cryptocurrency markets.

When we look at the traditional market system, the funds borrowed are generally provided by an investment stockbroker. However, this situation is different in cryptocurrency transactions. Funds in cryptocurrency transactions are provided by users in the form of interest earnings in amounts determined according to market supply & demand in margin funds. Although rare, there are a few cryptocurrency platforms that provide margin funding for their users.

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