BTC Exchange in Dubai

BTC is the code or abbreviation of the most popular cryptocurrency “Bitcoin”. BTC is the same of XBT another name of Bitcoin the only reason for the confusion BTC is the majority using in exchange because that is most popular, but some exchange they are using in term of XBT. In this BTC Exchange in Dubai are getting more better than usual because some people know that there is physical exchange that can do their transaction fast and secure.

XBTC is the combination of XBT and BTC, which is also commonly used to represent one bitcoin. BTC have a counterparty just an asset representation called XBTC.

Which BTC exchange in Dubai We Can Go to Buy and Sell?

Cointral is first physical exchange in Dubai and have a main branch in Turkey and other country. Cointral provides professional services for the buy and sell such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other altcoins and the storage of digital assets on online and offline platforms.

In Cointral exchange you can buy or sell Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Tether or 200 pair plus of cryptocurrencies. Our expert customer service in our branches will assist you to figure out your trading transactions such as Bitcoin Ethereum, Ripple and other cryptocurrencies.

Cointral exchange branch are located in Single Business Tower – #2302 – Dubai – UAE, that you can visit and make the transaction in the fast and secure. You can visit on Cointral website for online transaction using credit card or debit card. And also you can make a transaction using Localbitcoins

How to make Transaction in Cointral Exchange?

For making transaction of BTC to Cointral exchange in Dubai all need to do are the following:

Step 1: Come or visit to Cointral Exchange Shop located in Deira Dubai with your own identification ID and crypto wallet ID for the transaction.

Step 2: Proceed to the customer service to assist you to start the transaction weather you buy or sell. Just present your identification ID for putting on Cointral system.

Step 3: When you will buy you just need to give your crypto wallet ID and pay by cash then we will send you cryptocurrency to your wallet. For selling your cryptocurrency, we give our crypto wallet ID and once we get the confirmation, just the time we will pay in Cash.

Step 4: The transaction will be finished in just 15 minutes to 30 minutes without any hassle and very much secured.

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