Buy Bitcoin in Ağrı

With Cointral, you can buy Bitcoin from all cities of Turkey including Ağrı and all over the world. With Cointral’s Exchange center, OTC and online transaction network, it is very simple and convenient to carry out your transactions. Cointral has also a physical branch in Istanbul Grand Bazaar. Opening a branch in Dubai in 2019, Cointral is in an effort to serve all four corners of the world. Cryptocurrency users in Ağrı are unable to perform physical transactions, as there is no Cointral branch in their region. However, with the online transaction network, they can buy Bitcoin securely, quickly and simply with credit card at online.cointral.com. So, how do you buy Bitcoin with credit card?

Buy Bitcoin in Ağrı with Credit Card

You can purchase Bitcoin with credit card on Cointral. We offer service to users regardless of location and time. All you have to do is to enter your BTC address in the relevant section at online.cointral.com and choose the amount you want to buy. Then, you need to fill in your identity, address and credit card information to complete the high-level security procedures. For more information, you can take a look at the visual guide “Bitcoin”.

Buy Gold with Bitcoin

Did you know that you can buy gold with the BTCs you bought? Cointral’s new service, cointral.store brand, offers purchases of 1gr, 2.5gr, 5gr, 10gr, 250gr, 500gr and 1000 gram gold with Bitcoin. In this platform where payments are made only with Bitcoin, Ethereum and BNB Coin, you will be able to trade with many more cryptocurrencies in the future. To enjoy a safe purchase with deliver y assurance, visit cointral.store now!

Evaluate Your Assets with Cointral Exchange!

You can make short-term and long-term investments with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other digital assets at Cointral, Turkey’s Bitcoin and altcoin exchange center. Cointral offers an advantageous trading experience with the high liquidity ratio from international stock markets and low commission fees. If you want to benefit from all Cointral Exchange has to offer, sign up now and start your transactions!

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