Buy Bitcoin in Amasya

Bitcoin (BTC) made perfect start to 2020, being traded at $9,300 levels in the last days of January. Successfully rising out from $7,000 levels, it has quickly hit $9,000. BTC, with a supply of 18.189.975 in the market, attracts investors with a market value of $ Having inspired the creation of altcoins, Bitcoin attracts the attention of investors with its decentralized structure and elimination of the third party. Interest in Bitcoin and other altcoins in Turkey have increased significantly in recent years. Especially as a result of the huge rise in 2017, Bitcoin started to be used as an investment tool for those who recently met cryptocurrencies. In addition to the price rise, the more crypto branches have been opening locally, the more people are growing curious.

Striving to collect this complex information pool in Turkey, Cointral is at the service of crypto users with its Istanbul Grand Bazaar branch. Cointral, operating in Dubai as well, has also opened Ankara and Gaziantep branches as of 2020. Cointral has not yet opened a branch announcement for crypto users in Amasya; however, it aims to provide services in every city of Turkey in the future. The crypto users in Amasya cannot perform physical crypto trading transactions. However, Cointral allows you to trade from anywhere in the world with its online trading network. If you want to buy Bitcoin with credit card, see below.

Buy BTC with Credit Card

With Cointral, you can easily purchase BTC with your credit card. Users who do not have a Cointral branch in their province can perform their transactions on the online transaction network, online.cointral.com. You can browse this guide “Bitcoin” on how to make a purchase transaction step by step. Cointral offers a secure and easy trading experience. If you wish, you can exchange your digital assets with other cryptocurrencies on Cointral Exchange. For more detailed information, you can follow our social media channels and reach us through our communication channels.

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