Buy Bitcoin in Ankara

Cointral is opening another branch in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, after the Istanbul Grand Bazaar branch. Cointral, with two branches operating in Istanbul and Dubai, is bringing its third branch to life. Cointral, wanting to put the Gaziantep branch into operation after the Ankara branch, has expedited the matters. Aiming to provide services in all cities of Turkey, Cointral offers online trading with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and more than 1200 cryptocurrencies to its users locally and globally. Users in Ankara can visit the Cointral branch and perform cryptocurrency trading easily and securely with the help of our experienced staff.

How to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

Cryptocurrency users can easily obtain cryptocurrencies at the Cointral branch in Ankara, or online at online.cointral.com, with credit card. Users who want to buy Bitcoin should write their BTC addresses correctly in the relevant section and choose the amount. Then they can continue their transactions by filling in their address, card and personal information correctly. You can browse this visual guide “Bitcoin” to see the steps of a purchase transaction. If you have any questions, you can reach us at our contact page.

Evaluate Your Investments on Cointral Exchange!

You can manage your Bitcoin and altcoin investments on Cointral Exchange, Turkey’s Bitcoin and altcoin trading Center. Cointral offers an advantageous trading experience with high liquidity ratio from international stock exchanges and low commission fees.

You can make short term investments with arbitrage by following live price charts. You can become a member to start your transactions on Cointral Exchange where there are high-level security measures like 2FA and KYC. If you want to follow the latest developments about cryptocurrencies, you can browse our news page or follow our social media accounts.

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