Buy Bitcoin in Antalya

Cointral, launching Turkey’s first physical cryptocurrency branch, began its activities in 2018 with Istanbul Grand Bazaar branch. Cointral, starting operations abroad in Dubai after the Istanbul branch, took its first step globally. Cointral now plans to open another branch in Ankara. Although there isn’t yet a physical branch for cryptocurrency users in Antalya, Cointral offers services online with the online transaction network. In addition to trading, Cointral offers many alternatives to its users with cointral.store, which provides purchase of gram gold with crypto money, and cointral.io, which allows you to purchase real estate with Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Coin and more than 1200 altcoins. Here’s how to buy Bitcoin with credit card!

Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

Cryptocurrency users in Antalya can take advantage of the opportunity to buy Bitcoin at online.cointral.com, where you can perform cryptocurrency trading and crypto swap transactions with credit card outside of Cointral branches. First you need to do is to go on Cointral.com and click on the next button to determine the amount you will buy and writing your BTC address correctly. For more detailed information, you can browse this visual guide “Bitcoin“.

Secure Your Investments on Cointral Exchange!

After trading at Cointral branches or Cointral’s online trading network with your credit card, you can secure your Bitcoins and evaluate your investments on Cointral Exchange, Turkey’s Bitcoin and altcoin trading center. Providing advantageous trading experience to its users with high liquidity from international exchanges, Cointral has the lowest commission rates in Turkey.

With live price graphics and arbitrage, you can add value to your digital assets with your short-term investments. In addition to Exchange, Cointral, launching the Cointral Store brand, offers gram gold sales with Bitcoin, Ethereum and BNB Coin. For more information, visit cointral.store. If you want to follow the latest developments about cryptocurrencies, you follow our news page and social media accounts.

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