Buy Bitcoin

Buy Bitcoin

There are two ways to buy Bitcoin: The first way is to buy in exchange for physical currencies. Another method is more difficult than the first method. In the Blockchain system, Bitcoin mining, which is connected to a decentralized system, rewards users who approve the processes based on block production.

The difficulty levels of the blocks that are formed when a new Bitcoin is produced become more difficult with each production. For this reason, the mining process requires computers with very strong processors in performance. You also need to have a virtual wallet, a Bitcoin address, for Bitcoin trading.

There are three options to buy Bitcoin from Cointral;

a) You can buy BTC from our Cointral stores.

You can visit our store in the Grand Bazaar, and you can trade Bitcoin or swap transactions quickly and safely via cash, credit card or bank account.

b) You can make your transactions quickly via credit card at online.cointral.com

c) You can buy BTC via bank transfer.

With Cointral, you can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and more than 1200 cryptocurrency via cash, as well as purchase BTC from our internet address via credit card.

Simply What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a crypto currency that eliminates a third party that is affiliated with a government, central bank, or organization. To be more precise, transaction fees, account closures, etc. that are required by the banks do not have a place on BTC. It is very reliable since it uses an extremely complex encryption method. The abbreviation for this crypto currency with the symbol ฿ is BTC.

Is BTC Profitable?

If you enter the world of BTC, you should follow the market activity frequently. The reason for the rise of Bitcoin is due to market factors. It is a matter of supply and demand. The price of BTC is increasing in direct proportion to demand. When BTC demand increases, the price increases. Likewise, when the demand for BTC decreases, the price also decreases.

Is BTC legal?

Another question in which crypto currency enthusiasts look for answers is the matter of legality. Legality is a factor that varies from country to country. Although it is known that in some countries it is not directly legal, such laws are not included in the laws of some countries. In some countries it is allowed to use, produce and even trade.

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