Buy Ethereum in Amasya

Ethereum (ETH) appears to have entered an upward trend in 2020 after having stagnate year in 2019. Traded at $175, ETH is a cryptocurrency that is being carefully monitored by cryptocurrency analysts after its record level in 2018. ETH, which has a circulating supply amount of 109,490,409, is the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, with a market value of $19.302.357.980. Although Ethereum never reached the popularity of Bitcoin, it is one of the most used altcoins. Ethereum, standing out with its Smart Contract feature, is seen as the Oil of cryptocurrencies while Bitcoin is the gold, Litecoin is the silver. It is very easy to buy the highly demanded Ethereum.

Cointral offers services abroad in Dubai in addition to the Istanbul Grand Bazaar branch. Planning to open branches in Ankara and Gaziantep in 2020, Cointral provides professional support to its users with OTC services and an online transaction network. Cryptocurrency users in Amasya are not able to perform a physical transaction yet; however, they can purchase ETH with credit card at any time and place on the online transaction network, online.cointral.com, or exchange their digital assets with other cryptocurrencies with crypto swap transaction. So, here is how to buy Ethereum with credit card!

Buy ETH with Credit Card

On Cointral Exchange, you can buy Ethereum safely and easily using your credit card. You should first enter your ETH addresses in the relevant section on online.cointral.com. After determining the amount, you can continue with your transaction by filling out your personal information and card information in the relevant fields.

To purchase Ethereum on Cointral, you can browse through this visual guide “Ethereum”. If you wish, you can exchange your existing digital assets with other cryptocurrencies via crypto swap. For more detailed information, you can follow our social media channels and reach us at our communication channels.

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