Buy Gold With Crypto

As Cointral, we have great gratitude and respect for the historical importance and source of income of gold.

Buy Gold with Cryptocurrency

Gold was considered a universal unit of value for hundreds of years. And has been traded on these lands for 1,500 years since the Roman Empire. While it continues its value and trade in the Cointral historic Grand Bazaar with the same fame. İt is now traded popularly in Bitcoin.

Gold has played an important role in the economy of many countries in its history. Although it is no longer used as a currency, gold is still recognized as a robust, long-term investment instrument and a valuable savings tool, especially in shrinking markets. Gold is a popular investment instrument for a variety of reasons. These reasons can be summarized as follows;

Liquidity: Gold can be easily cashed anywhere in the world.

Retains value: Gold tends to maintain its value over time.

Gold is a very robust savings tool when it comes to investment risk. If there are concerns about inflation or impairment of the country’s currencies, you may want to add gold to your portfolio.

Protection against inflation: During periods of inflation, gold generally gains value.

Diversification: Adding different securities to your portfolio is an important way to reduce the risk of loss of value of your investments.

Buy Gold with Cointral

As Cointral, we have great gratitude and respect for the historical importance and source of income of gold. Similarly, in our Modern era, we attach great importance to Bitcoin’s technological and financial status as an icon, and we intend to contribute to its development.

At this point, as Cointral, we are collaborating with Istanbul Gold Refinery (IAR), which is the first official gold refinery in Turkey, to launch a gold gold and bitcoin swap transaction with 1 gr, 2.5 gr, 5 gr and 10 gr bitcoin certified gold for 24 karat (995). It is now possible to physically purchase our products from our branches with cryptocurrencies. In these new product designs, young Bitcoin has also winked at Gold, the value of centuries. If you want to have these unique products, just follow the steps shown below

With Cointral Online you can purchase more than 1200+ cryptocurrencies in cash from our branch, as well as purchase and sell transactions for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and other altcoins from our website via credit card and bank transfer.

Cointral Online, offering you convenience and it is a fast cryptocurrency conversion service. You do not need to register as a condition and you will not be allowed to restrict cryptocurrency exchanged. No commission is charged from you without your knowledge when performing exchanged process with due diligence.
Cointral system is integrated with more than 10 international crypto currencies built into the stock market. We strive to provide the best offer for our users.
Cointral is a team of experienced Blockchain experts. Cointral platform, feature users do not need to create an account or provide personal information. That allows users to stay away from risks such as identity or financial theft. Represented the best rates for you using reliable trading platforms.

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