Buy Tether in Aksaray

There has been a great interest in cryptocurrencies recently in Turkey. Especially the record levels of Bitcoin and altcoins in 2017 caused them to become the focus of public attention. The number of people who want to invest has increased considerably. In addition to those who are currently using cryptocurrencies, new users who want to enter into the world of cryptocurrency exchanges are experiencing confusion in the beginning. Cointral helps new crypto users to easily adapt to this sector with its simple interface and useful services. You can buy cryptocurrencies at our Cointral branches, or make your purchase at Cointral Online, an online transaction network. First you need to do is convert the fiat currency to a digital currency. The most convenient way for this is buying Tether (USDT) coin. Tether has no volatility since it is a stablecoin always at $1. By converting your fiat money to USDT, you can easily perform your transactions on Cointral Exchange, Turkey Bitcoin and altcoin trading center. Here’s how to buy Tether with credit card!

How to Buy Tether with Credit Card

With Online Cointral, you can easily purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, BNB Coin and Tether with credit card. In addition to its online transaction network, Cointral is at your service at the Istanbul Grand Bazaar branch and abroad in Dubai Deira. Cointral, which will launch another branch in Ankara in 2020, aims to reach every region of Turkey.

Users who want to convert fiat money to Tether can first start their transactions by entering cointral.com and clicking the next button on the online transactions. Then you should write your USDT address to the relevant section and determine the amount to be purchased. You can see all the steps to perform a transaction by clicking on this visual guide “Tether”.

Inexpensive and Secure Transaction on Cointral Exchange!

By converting your fiat money to USDT, you can trade on Turkey’s Bitcoin and altcoin trading center Cointral Exchange. To benefit from Cointral Exchange, sign up now and start investing in a secure platform.

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