Can Bitcoin Regain the Value of $9000?

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Can Bitcoin Regain the Value of $9000?

Bitcoin has had rough days with its bumpy graphic for the last two weeks. The leading cryptocurrency, which experienced a rapid rise in the first place, went above $ 9,000 and made a good start to 2020. Afterwards, Bitcoin has buyers at the level of $ 8,350 as of today.

Could Bitcoin go above $9,000 again in the coming days? Could it perform well above this level with a better performance? Analysts are looking for answers to these questions.

Some analysts do not hesitate to make optimistic comments for BTC in the long term. According to some analysts who claim that Bitcoin may gain a lot of value in the coming period, Bitcoin can see $60,000 in the coming period.

There was a historical peak in 2017

As it is known, Bitcoin reached the highest level in its history, $20,000 approximately 2 years ago. The popular cryptocurrency, which subsequently lost its value rapidly, could not approach those levels again.

Some analysts expect a situation similar to the rise in 2017

According to some analysts, Bitcoin is looking for ground for a similar uptrend to 2017. They even go further, this time predicting an increase of more than $20,000. Famous investor and Bitcoin advocate Tim Draper predicts that Bitcoin will be valued over $1 million in the future.

Over $60,000 is not a dream

According to the phenomena that have many followers in the cryptocurrency market like John Rager and Selcoin, they make more realistic predictions that there may be a pricing between $60,000 and $85,000. According to Roger’s social media account, he said that the analysts’ high price estimates of the base are dreams and that he can see the price of $75,000.

Selcoin had set a price of $60,000 for the end of 2020 a year ago.

Selcoin predicted that there would be a bull season for Bitcoin by the end of 2020 last year and announced that the price could reach up to $60,000.

Selcoin said that in the formation of this price, people who do not want to be affected by the economic crisis will enter the cryptocurrency market and this will occur with a model that will increase the BTC price.

It is worth noting that the price expectations set by analysts are only estimates. None of these estimates are investment advice. We recommend that you do your own research before investing.

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