Coinmetrics Study Reveals Tether (USDT) Facts

Cointral Marketing Manager
Coinmetrics Study Reveals Tether (USDT) Facts

When we take a look at the research done by Coinmetrics, the information about Tether is extremely interesting. There are many compelling details, including the fact that it has reached the highest speed of all time.

USDT Token is traded approximately 46 times per year

The Coinmetrics research that focuses on USDT reveals how high the demand is for Tether’s stablecoin USDT. According to the tweet Coinmetrics posted yesterday, the USDT token changes hands about 46 times a year.

According to the trend of rising activity, Tether has a major impact on the liquidity flow between exchanges. We can say that USDT has changed hands among many exchanges rather than among individual traders.

The Ethereum network currently has the highest amount of USDT. However, it has reached an important position in TRON in terms of token supply. TRON-based USDT offers a structure that encourages usage and growth with special promotions.

Meanwhile, Poloniex announced free withdrawal bonus feature for TRON-based USDT last week.

Compared to previous years in the crypto markets, USDT supply started 2020 steadily. This stability of Tether is realized through Tether leaving the entire USDT supply to fluctuate for itself. Having more than 4.5 billion tokens in different networks, USDT holds the highest level of all time.

Among the USDT transactions carried out are the regular transactions of the whales, which show that the interest in digital assets fixed to the dollar has increased. Due to the lack of volatility and cheap alternatives, USDT is ahead of altcoins as a means of transferring money between exchanges.

The high USDT turnover has allowed many altcoins to separate from Bitcoin pairs, as well as significantly lowering the importance of the prices of BTC parities.

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