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Crypto to Crypto

Crypto to Crypto

At Cointral, we offer you the best position in cryptocurrency exchange with an integrated system in the world’s most respected cryptocurrency platforms. When you use our crypto currency swap service, you don’t have to worry about limitations for changes. There is no upper limit for crypto exchange in Cointral.

Cointral’s processing algorithmis integrated into high volume and reputable platforms. When a user changes one cryptocurrency to another through Cointral, the corresponding rate is taken real-time and is recommended to the user. Exchanges the amount of change in secondbid/request/request orders on trading platforms and offer the best possible.

With user-friendly interface to customers, we offers the best exchange rates and clear fee terms. There will be no extra charge. We will only ask you for the wallet address of the cryptocurrency you will receive. Cryptocurrency exchange process will happen quickly and very simply. You can get information through the relevant fields on the screen at each stage of the process. To give a brief example;

You should switch to online.cointral platform by clicking the blue Go-Online button on Cointral.com page. Then you can click on the tab where you will provide Crypto to Crypto Swap transactions from the screen. You can start the transaction by selecting the cryptocurrencies you want to trade.

For Using Example;

Using Ethereum, Ethereum, you would swap Bitcoin. You must enter your Bitcoin address in the section that says “your BTC address”.

It is also possible to enter your wallet address by clicking on the “Qr Code” button on the right side of the address bar. You can then continue by learning how much Bitcoin you will have in exchange for the amount of Ethereum you wish to exchange. Click on the” Next ” button to proceed to the next stage.

Important note; The Bitcoin address you entered must be absolutely correct and complete.

In the second stage, Ethereum wallet we have produced for you, transfer of the amount of Ethereum you have notified us, you must perform within the given time.

Exchange takes place in seconds as soon as the Ethereum that you submitted is transferred to your account and withdrawal process starts

At this stage, the transfer process of the Bitcoin you have requested from us is initiated.

The transfer will be completed in a short time. At the end of the transaction, you can see your balance in your Bitcoin wallet or you can see that the process is completed smoothly on the online.cointral screen.

It’s that simple!

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