CZ “WeChat is using Blockchain!

Cointral Marketing Manager
CZ “WeChat is using Blockchain!

Changpeng Zhao, known as CZ on social media platforms, said he received a sensation via Twitter on October 25 that WeChat Pay had registered its bills on the blockchain, and shared a screenshot with a link to the block browser.

Why is CZ interested in this situation?

This could be the case with CZ’s announcement in early October that it was banning all payments made by Alipay and the denial and crypto-related payments made by WeChat and Alipay payment services and Binance payments started immediately afterward. As we know, it previously had an anti-cryptic attitude at WeChat.

WeChat has a foot in both camps?

Zhao may be accusing WeChat of using blockchain technology when claiming to be anti-crypto. Perhaps it is ironic in this message that WeChat is using blockchain technology to stand against the cryptocurrency.

As an additional piece of information, Chinese President Xi Jinping has instructed the country to accelerate blockchain technology and accelerate new innovation products. Let’s see what the future will show us.

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