Full Page In Chinese State Newspaper Bitcoin!

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Full Page In Chinese State Newspaper Bitcoin!

The crisis in China continues. The Chinese Government’s positive progress in Blockchain and Crypto Coins, which we mentioned in our previous news, is seen in all publications of the country. A full-page Bitcoin article was published in the Chinese state newspaper on Sunday. Although there is no change in Bitcoin prices after the news, it is observed that China may take more serious steps regarding crypto assets in the coming period.

Bitcoin “on the agenda in China”

The official publication of the People’s Republic of China in Xinhua yesterday ’Bitcoin: The First Successful Application of Blockchain Technology. Full-page content seems to have brought attention to cryptocurrency again in China despite the prohibitions.

The full-page article was shared via the social media platform Twitter by Matthew Graham of Sino Global Capital. In the Graham share, the article’s call for Bitcoin an intangible currency stood out as a cautiously positive development. The article published in Xinhua also includes a variety of information, including the mining process and outages.

This article, which is likely to reach millions of people according to the population of the People’s Republic of China, has caused excitement in the crypto World. Earlier this year, the Bank of China shared a detailed article on Bitcoin’s features. This article, published by the CEO of Blockstreem, was roughly the answer to questions about Bitcoin’s natural structure, why the price has risen so much, and why it is so valuable.

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