Her Baby’s Birth Costs Owes To Bitcoin

Cointral Marketing Manager
Her Baby’s Birth Costs Owes To Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies and interest in Bitcoin in our country and in the world since 2009 are increasing day by day. One of the most interesting uses of Bitcoin, which we see a new way of use every day, is in Venezuela. As is known, as a result of the financial crisis in Venezuela, the country’s nominal currency lost considerable value. A Reddit member, a Venezuelan citizen, said in a message that he paid all his childbirth and hospital expenses on his first day and easily with Bitcoin.

“On September 30th, my first child Adrian was born in Venezuela. Thanks to my hard work and my savings with Bitcoin, I was able to pay all medical expenses in one day. Despite the ongoing economic crisis in my country, my child Adrian was born in a private clinic in Venezuela’s capital, and owe it to Bitcoin. ”

Despite all the efforts of the Venezuelan government, the crisis in the country deepens day by day and people seek their own solutions, this situation creates a serious demand for cryptocurrencies in Venezuela. As it is known, Venezuela had previously launched its own cryptocurrency called Petro but had not received the expected interest. Venezuelan citizens prefer cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dash, which have a distributed structure, and this latest incident is the biggest evidence of this.

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