How Much is 1 BTC in USD?

In the cryptocurrency market, 2020 started as extremely fluctuant. By the middle of January, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were in a major uptrend. Accordingly, how much 1 BTC is in USD constantly varies. At the time of publication of this article, 1 BTC is around $8.818,53.

With this rise of Bitcoin, the TL equivalent is around 52,000 levels. To list the factors affecting the rise of Bitcoin: there is the Bitcoin Halving event in May, the tension between Iran and the USA, and the global recession are known as the trigger of this rise.

According to some cryptocurrency analysts, BTC may regain its $20,000 level on December 17, 2017. If you want to read more predictions and news about Bitcoin, you can visit Cointral.com.

How to Buy BTC

If you want to make your investments in the cryptocurrency industry, you can manage your investments by purchasing the leading crypto currency BTC. With BTC, you can trade with any cryptocurrency you want. So, how do you buy BTC?

First of all, you can visit the Cointral branch and make BTC transactions easily with the support of our expert staff. If you wish, you can go to cointral.com to buy or exchange Bitcoin with credit card. You can click on the link to see our visual guide to buy Bitcoin with a credit card.

Bitcoin Prices on Average by Years

Bitcoin is seen as a reliable value retention investment, just like gold, over the years. For this reason, some call Bitcoin “the digital gold”. It is claimed that Bitcoin will be everywhere in our life in the future with its limited supply and technology.

When we take a look at the average price of Bitcoin to date: in 2009, BTC had no value. BTC, which displayed this performance when it was first released, still made no headway in 2010 and corresponded to $ 0.05.

In 2011, BTC rose to an average of $6.05 and in 2012 it reached an average of $8.46. Having experienced a major rise in 2013, BTC rose to the level of $189. BTC increased its annual average by 5 times in 2014 and saw the average of $526.04. BTC, which declined in 2015, came to an average of $272.36. BTC, which started to rise again in 2016, returned to the level it achieved in 2014 and reached the level of $567.

BTC, which had a record year in 2017, reached the level of $4,001 in terms of annual price average and attracted the attention of the world. It also broke the all-time record by seeing the $20,000 level in 2017. In 2018, it increased on an annual average and 1 BTC rose to $7,558.

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