How Much is 1 Dash in TL?

Dash, making an extraordinary start to 2020, managed to go up to the level of $135 nowadays in the middle of January. For this reason, the answer to the question of how much 1 Dash is varies. 1 Dash is around ₺801.46 on the publication date of this article.

To learn more about the rising cryptocurrency Dash, you can visit our Cointral blog page to read the latest news. When we look at the 24-hour volume of Dash, the volume of $2,882,955,642 is striking, and it is matter of interest whether Dash will continue its rise with a market value of $1,287,391,423.

What is Dash?

It is better to talk briefly about the properties of Dash before talking about its price increase. Dash is a cryptocurrency that takes place in the market as an autonomous organization with its decentralized structure. Among the features of Dash are anonymity, trust, speed and minimum transaction fees.

While you are learning about the Dash mechanism, you should also know about Masternodes. Dash uses a different type of network, unlike the one in Bitcoin. We know that Bitcoin’s work on the network is done by miners using a single layer network. In Dash, this process takes place in two layers.

In short, networking is done by miners for the formation of new blocks. The second network transaction, which differs from Bitcoin, includes InstantSend and PrivateSend. In addition to these, there are masternodes that perform management operations.

Masternodes requires 1000 DASH to prevent sybil attacks.

Differences between Dash and Bitcoin

There are some major differences between Dash and Bitcoin. When we look at these differences, the algorithm that is used for mining is the most obvious. Unlike the Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm used by Bitcoin, Dash performs its transactions using the X11 algorithm.

Leaving aside the algorithmic differences, there are also differences between Bitcoin and Dash as a digital currency.

Buy Dash

If you want to buy Dash with Cointral, you can click on the “Dash” link to see the how-to guide. You can easily buy Dash with credit card. Another purchase method is to visit Cointral branches where you can easily perform your Dash trading transactions.

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