How much is 1 Ethereum in TL?

Ethereum, getting its share from the overall rise in 2020, has been experiencing a huge rise in January. On the day of publication of this article, 1 ETH is at ₺1,001,55. Accordingly, the answer to this question may differ in various stock exchanges constantly. You can subscribe to Cointral Exchange for more detailed analysis!

You can learn about the prices on Cointral with updated graphics and reasonable prices. A more detailed table about the price of 1 ETH is given below.

You can buy 1 Ethereum for exactly ₺ 1,001,55 and $171.42. (Based on prices of January 17, 2020.) Ethereum reached its all-time high on January 13, 2018, trading at $8.440.81. If you are wondering what ETH is with circulating supply of 109.329.541 and how it got it, you can check out the rest of the article.

What is Ethereum (ETH)?

Ethereum, ranking 2nd right after Bitcoin, is a platform that enables developers to create and share decentralized applications and is coded using blockchain technology. For more information on the Ethereum network and ETH, you can check “What is Ethereum” content or browse the news section on Cointral.

In today’s technology world, all transactions (bank transactions, browser history, shopping etc.) that we perform with the internet are recorded as data. In this environment with security problems, Ethereum network strives to create a solution by creating a highly reliable network. Transactions made in Ethereum are generally distributed and anonymously stored on multiple devices. Thanks to this feature of Ethereum, access to data becomes impossible and a decentralized structure is formed.

You can get more information about Ethereum trading from our guide titled “Buy Ethereum”. You can also read our article on “Ethereum 2020 Predictions” if you want to learn about the future of the cryptocurrency.

How to Buy Ethereum

You can learn how to make Ethereum trading transactions in detail with this article “Ethereum“, which is a guide for how to buy Ethereum with Cointral. Also, you can obtain Ethereum by swapping your existing digital assets with ETH. You can make your transactions with the high liquidity rate provided by Cointral from international exchanges.

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