How much is 1 LTC?

You can find the answer to this question on Cointral. Thanks to Cointral Exchange, you can carry out your transactions safely and conveniently with high liquidity possibility from international stock exchanges and low commission fees.

What is LTC?

Although the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin, remains a secret, everything in Litecoin seems to be very transparent. Charlie Lee, founder of Litecoin (LTC), is extremely active on social media platforms. Lee is also a former Google employee.

If we want to fully understand what Litecoin is, we can look at the examples about Bitcoin. LTC was created as a low profile altcoin unit that tried to overcome the shortcomings of Bitcoin rather than rivaling Bitcoin when it was first released. When we compare the two, we can say that the most serious difference is the difference in transaction speeds.

LTC (Litecoin) is a cryptocurrency that is seen as the “Silver” of the cryptocurrency world. LTC and BTC are very similar cryptocurrencies. The difference of LTC from BTC is the purpose of completing the shortcomings existing in Litecoin’s Bitcoin network.

If you want to see more content about LTC and on how to buy it, visit our blog. You can also learn how to buy Litecoin with Cointral by clicking on the visual guide “Litecoin“.

How do I buy LTC with Cointral?

Purchasing Litecoin with Cointral is extremely simple. To buy Litecoin, you can visit the Cointral branch, and you can convert your digital assets to Litecoin with the help of our expert staff or you can purchase Litecoin with cash. You can also buy Litecoin with credit card on Cointral.com. By becoming a member on Cointral, you can trade on Cointral Exchange with LTCs you have purchased and easily manage your investments. In order to operate in Cointral Exchange, which offers a reliable experience to its users with superior security measures, you must be a member and verify KYC.

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