How to Withdraw Money from Binance?

Cointral Marketing Manager
How to Withdraw Money from Binance?

In our previous article “Binance Bitcoin Purchase”, we explained to you how to make Binance deposit and Bitcoin purchase transactions. In this article, we will explain how to withdraw money from Binance. Withdrawal, one of the question marks in the minds of those who are new to the cryptocurrency world, is a very easy process as we will explain below.

• As in the deposit process, after logging into Binance, we click on “Withdrawals” in the Funds category on the menu.

• Then you need to select the coin you wish to withdraw.

Once you have selected the amount of coin you request for transfer, you must enter the address to be transferred to the relevant section. In a way, you do the exact opposite of the transactions you make when you deposit.

You should make sure that the coins you have traded are equivalent to the Turkish stock exchanges you have converted into TL. For this reason, it is recommended that you convert your cryptocurrency to popular crypto currencies such as BTC, ETH, XRP via Cointral.

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You can take a look at our article “Binance Bitcoin Purchase” to learn how to transfer your cryptocurrencies to the Binance Exchange. If you want to know more about the cryptocurrency market, you can visit our blog page.

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