Italian Bank Allows Bitcoin Trading

Cointral Marketing Manager
Italian Bank Allows Bitcoin Trading

Italy, being affected the worst by the coronavirus epidemic, is going through difficult economic times. In addition to incurring debts, there have been propositions for alternative solutions in Italy. According to the official website of the Italian Bank Banca Sella, the platform named Hype added the feature that allows its customers to buy and sell BTC directly.

The platform is used regularly by more than a million customers compared with the bank. Apart from cryptocurrencies on the platform, other financial assets such as CFD can also be traded. Bitcoin wallet can be created after a simple signup.

The bank also takes over the responsibility of private security keys for BTCs in the wallet. It allows you to easily create a wallet for free. You can integrate several bank accounts with each other from the Hype platform. The bank is also responsible for Bitcoin and private security keys. While the wallet can be created with very easy steps, this service is also free. Several bank accounts can also be linked through the Hype platform.

In addition, different daily transaction limits, activated depending on turnover and verification, have been determined. In the Hype Start category, BTC is available with a daily purchase limit of 500 euros and 2,500 euros per year. When we look at the premium category, the limits increase. While there is a daily limit of 4,990 euros, it can be purchased with a limit of 50,000 euros annually. Commission rates are around 1%.

With this development in Italy, it has given green light to cryptocurrencies. In the coming days, we will see similar applications in other countries.

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