Live Altcoin Price Charts

Altcoin prices are live variable prices. Prices can rise and fall due to whales, global affairs, and developments in the cryptocurrency industry. Thanks to Cointral Exchange’s live price charts and simple interface, you can follow these price fluctuations up to date.

In this article, we will discuss the price status of altcoins for the past three years. For detailed information, you can subscribe to Cointral Exchange and browse detailed price charts.

Altcoin Prices in 2017

In 2017, cryptocurrencies exhibited a huge upward trend, and perhaps for the first time they became the center of attention. Bitcoin and altcoins, which have been on the rise since 2009, peaked in value especially in 2017. Starting 2017 at $930, Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, rose to $20,089 and gained value more than 1500%. This rise in BTC was also reflected in altcoins.

When we look at the Ethereum front, it started the year with low levels. At the end of the year, ETH achieved a great growth with $862. This was the same for XRP and other altcoins. The total market volume was set at a record high of $603 billion.

Ripple showed an incredible price increase like other cryptocurrencies and altcoins. The price, which was at the level of $0.006530 in the first months of 2017, closed 2017 with the level of $2.40 with 36% increase throughout the year.

Altcoin Prices in 2018

2018 was not as gratifying as 2017. Both Bitcoin and altcoins finished the year in a major downtrend. Although BTC started 2018 at $14,000, it sharply declined to $3,800. This situation also affected altcoins. Ethereum going down by 92% fell to $80.

Altcoin Prices in 2019

In 2019, the cryptocurrency prices had a more stable year. When we look at the Bitcoin front, it entered the year at around $4000 levels, continued its upward trend and finished the year at around $8,000. Although altcoins did not experience such an increase compared to BTC, we can say that the year closed without any major decline keeping a balanced course.

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