New Target for Bitcoin is $10000!

Cointral Marketing Manager
New Target for Bitcoin is $10000!

Bitcoin (BTC) price went up rapidly to $ 9,439. As a result of the intense activity of the bulls, Bitcoin managed to stay above $ 9,000.

Bitcoin fell below $9,000 to $ 8,879, its lowest level today. Some analysts believed that the popular cryptocurrency would settle on a spot in the $ 8,300- $ 8,500 band and secure its place. This withdrawal scenario seemed logical since it started the week at $ 8,200.

According to analysts, it is very important that the withdrawal takes place to support the trend after the significant resistance levels are surpassed. Some analysts, who think that this decline was finalized last week, make very optimistic statements for Bitcoin. They say that the next target point for Bitcoin is $10,000.

Looking at the hourly chart, it is seen that the increase was due to the sudden volume increase. According to the sales volume candlestick chart, an increase of 3.47 % seems to have triggered sales orders and it is clear that there will be serious resistance in the $9,500 band.

Bitcoin, which has succeeded in transforming every resistance level to a new support level in the rising trend that started from $ 6,400 in 2019, may have turned the $9,200 resistance level into support level. Bitcoin, which has passed the $8,200 resistance level in the past weeks, has never fallen below this level.

The levels that Bitcoin investors should follow closely are the $9,600 and $9,948 resistance levels. If the leading cryptocurrency can pass these levels and manages to turn those levels into support levels, there may be realistic approaches for $10,000 and above.

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