OTC Services

OTC Services

OTC Services

Cointral, with the support of its expert team and sector knowledge; gives privileges to customers in crypto currency brokerage transactions. You can trade with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, BNB and other cryptocurrencies. With deep liquidity and trade through Cointral. Global user habits Cointral.com we prepare you for considering our internet address and Turkey’s cryptocurrency purchase and sale of our first physical point of Cointral branch can contact us.

Buy Bitcoin with Cointral

With Cointral, you can request a meeting with our expert team in order to start trading high volume crypto-currency and exchange transactions, and after the interview, you can start crypto-currency exchange or cryptocurrency transactions with nominal money. Our team of experts will support you throughout the process from beginning to end. After the process starts, mutual agreement is reached and the request is forwarded to the central OTC unit. You must have a cryptocurrency wallet before you can macryptocurrencycrypto currency transactions.

If you don’t have a wallet where you can keep your cryptocurrency, it is possible to buy Ledger NanoX, which is accepted as the safest cold wallet in the world at Cointral branches. If you already own a wallet, you can share your wallet address with the Cointral team after the payment is made. The most important point to keep in mind while sharing your wallet address is that the address you provide is not missing or error.

After ensuring correct information transfer, the transfer process will be completed in as little as 5 to 20 minutes on average. Finally, after the account checks, this process will be completed quickly and safely. You can apply to us for high volume cryptocurrency trading and cryptocurrency exchange transactions through our communication pages other than our website and branches. Cointral privilege makes it easy to handle high volumes.

In addition, you can trade your cryptocurrencies without any transaction. Limit by clicking on the Go Online button in the upper right corner of our Cointral.com page cryptocurrency through your bank account by creating a membership.

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