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Simplex is a licensed financial institution for online credit card transactions. Allows vendors worldwide to accept a variety of payment methods including credit card payments and purchases.

Simplex’s algorithm analyzes each payment and the risk to each user by removing hundreds of data points. In-stream verification mechanisms prevent fake users and allow more vendors to accept online payments.

An active force in the crypto industry. Simplex provides convenience to needs such as simplifying the purchasing process for mainstream users. Running with the largest crypto platforms and handling billions of dollars a year. Has become the new industry standard. Founded in 2014 and initially operating in the crypto ecosystem. Has expanded its services to the e-commerce industry and other vertical sectors.


BlockSeer’s task is to create a unified transparency basis for the public Bitcoin ecosystem. Bitcoin is a revolutionary new technology that has the potential to provide many valuable new services that are completely reliable. BlockSeer aims to reduce the level of irregularity and chaos and increase the level of knowledge and analysis of the publicly accessible block chain network. By ensuring the transparency of the Bitcoin block chain and its participants.

Blockseer allows you to create custom labels and graphics. You can share private jobs with other users. It also allows you to import and export data from a variety of views. İncluding all addresses, operations, and labels in the chart.


Weasy is a unique crypto wallet. It supports crypto currencies such as Tether, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and also provides fast and easy direct transactions for the most secure sending and receiving. provides 24/7 worldwide wallets for your mobile and tablet device.

The simple, easy-to-understand interface makes you experience a faster and unique experience. Easily send or receive cryptocurrencies easier anytime, anywhere. (Includes QR Code support)

With Cointral Online you can purchase more than 1200+ cryptocurrencies in cash from our branch, as well as purchase and sell transactions for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and other altcoins from our website via credit card and bank transfer.

Cointral Online, offering you convenience and it is a fast cryptocurrency conversion service. You do not need to register as a condition and you will not be allowed to restrict cryptocurrency exchanged. No commission is charged from you without your knowledge when performing exchanged process with due diligence.
Cointral system is integrated with more than 10 international crypto currencies built into the stock market. We strive to provide the best offer for our users.
Cointral is a team of experienced Blockchain experts. Cointral platform, feature users do not need to create an account or provide personal information. That allows users to stay away from risks such as identity or financial theft. Represented the best rates for you using reliable trading platforms.

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