Partnership Claim Between Samsung And Cryptocurrency Firm

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Partnership Claim Between Samsung And Cryptocurrency Firm

We have reported previously that cryptocurrencies were discussed at the World Economic Forum event held in Davos in the past days. In this year’s event, people talked about cryptocurrencies more than ever before. Samsung’s partnership claim was also made in this event.

The enterprise called GatePay is known as a payment company that includes cryptocurrency payments. GatePay’s Co-Founder, Alexander Drummond, may have given a tip in an interview with CoinTelegraph. Alexander Drummond made a big claim by saying that they can pay as they wish with the GatePay application and that the application can turn that payment into the wish of the shop owner.

Is Samsung and GatePay Partnerships Coming?

Banks’ serious commission rates are annoying. Banks implementing a commission rate of 4% and more, although disturbing many stores, the lack of alternatives leaves users desperate. While defending that they can overcome this situation with a software infrastructure development, Alexander Drummond stated that while paying with cryptocurrency, payment with nominal money can be provided.

Expressing his ideas about GatePay’s future plans, Drummond stated that he will soon establish a partnership with the owners of the world’s second largest or largest payment network.

“If you have a typical Android phone, they are already connected to this ecosystem. I can only tell you that we can announce a partnership with Korea’s biggest consumer electronics manufacturer very soon. ”

Although Alexander Drummond does not give a special name, one of Korea’s biggest companies is known as Samsung. Another sign is that Samsung has a payment network called Samsung Pay. A partnership is a possible development in the coming days.

New Financial System Will Destroy Old Habits!

Attending as a speaker at the World Economic Forum in Davos, former manager of Monero, Riccardo Spagni, underlined that there are now more professionals in the industry and a significant increase in the amount of regulations.

The statement of Riccardo Spagni is as follows:

“I think that, together with such economic forums and other events, they will be defeated and destroyed in the market if they do not keep up with financial change or even change themselves. They will lose because the new finance will replace the old financial system. ”

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