Sell Ripple

Sell Ripple

How to Sell Ripple with Cointral?

There are two ways to trade Ripple at Cointral;

  • Go to Cointral stores and sell your XRP and other cryptocurrency.
  • You can buy and sell XRP, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins with the support of our expert staff in our Cointral stores.
  • you can exchange for XRP and other coins by trading online at the address online.cointral.com.

By entering the amount of your Ripple in online.cointral.com, you can choose your desired currency by typing your cryptocurrency address and carry out your sales transaction.

In the universe of crypto currency, commission rates vary. The possibility of 0 commission in buy-sell transactions is very low. For this reason, 3% commission is applied in Cointral.

What is Ripple?

As a global payment platform, Ripple allows you to create a different currency anywhere in just seconds, allows you to transfer with highly affordable transaction fees. XRP was established as an alternative and strong competitor to the old type of international money transfer systems (SWIFT, Western Union, etc.).

Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other altcoins, Ripple is a non-mining type of altcoin. Ripple is a digital currency whose control is within the company’s mechanism. According to the company’s statement, it aims to have more than 100 billion Ripple and 1 billion ripples are transferred from the company to the market each year.

XRP has a very different vision than other crypto coins. XRP aims to make banking transactions much easier, fast transactions and minimizing transaction fees.

Compared to Bitcoin, the processing speed is extremely high. Bitcoin performs only 4 operations based on seconds, while XRP makes a difference with 1500 processing capacity per second.

Nowadays, XRP has made agreements with many banks for a more cost-effective system for the simultaneous payment system globally. These banks include Akbank in Turkey.

The fact that the banks that prefer the Ripple platform seem to have an advantage over those who do not use it, shows the importance of Ripple for banks. Ripple’s main goal is to carry out simultaneous international money transfers perfectly.

What are the benefits of XRP?

Ripple (XRP) is a cryptocurrency with many advantages that other digital currencies do not have. One of Ripple’s most important advantages is the ability to work directly with banks.

The Ripple platform is quite fast compared to other cryptocurrencies. The process takes four seconds or less. In a market where the use of XRP is widespread, people who prefer it increases when transactions take place very quickly.

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