Buy-Sell Bitcoin with cash

For Bitcoin Buy-Sell with cash, you can find our nearest branch on Cointral.com with the help of our “nearest branch” page. From the moment you enter our sales office, you will be guided by our expert staff throughout the purchasing process.

Buy-Sell Bitcoin by credit card

For a Bitcoin buy-sell transaction by credit card, Online.cointral.com address via or Cointral.com just click the go Online button at the top of the screen.

Thanks to our user-friendly interface, it is now very easy to buy cryptocurrencies by credit card. Let us know how much cryptocurrencies you want to buy, we’ll offer you an immediate offer. Click and take!

Buy-Sell Crypto currency with Bank Account

At your service very soon…

Cointral With Crypto swap

The swap platform offers the power to quickly exchange between assets in a seamless and secure environment. Designed by our team using artificial intelligence technology online.cointral offers you the best rates, the fastest way to get there.

When you use our cryptocurrency exchange service, you don’t have to worry about limitations for exchanges. There is no maximum amount for crypto exchange in Cointral. You can contact us for further information. www.cointral.com


Cointral specializes in OTC service and crypto currency trading. We work with the largest liquidity providers in the world to provide the best prices in the world’s largest crypto-currency swaps and crypto-fiat pairs.

Buy gold with cryptocurrencies

Similarly, in our modern era, we attach great importance to the fact that Bitcoin is an icon in terms of technology and financial aspects and we believe in contributing to its development. 24 carat (995), including 1 g, 2.5 g, 5 g, 10 g, 250 g, 500 g, and 1000 g Bitcoin certified gold and gold We are starting a bitcoin swap process. It is now possible to physically buy our products from our branches with Crypto Currency.

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