Simplex is a fintech company that provides credit card payment worldwide. Technology enables merchants, marketplaces and crypto currency platforms to process their online payments with complete fraud protection and payback coverage.

Simplex’s algorithm analyzes each payment and the risk to each user by removing hundreds of data points. Through in-stream verification mechanisms, it blocks fake users and makes it easier for more vendors to accept online payments.

Simplex is a financial institution licensed in online credit card transactions. Simplex allows vendors worldwide to accept a variety of payment methods, including payments and purchases by credit card.

An active force in the cryptocurrency industry, Simplex provides convenience to needs such as simplifying the purchasing process for mainstream users. Working with the largest cryptocurrency platforms and providing billions of dollars of transactions per year, Simplex has become a standard in the cryptocurrency industry. Serving since 2014 and initially operating in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, has expanded its service area and started operating in the e-commerce industry and other vertical sectors as well. We, as Cointral, aim to serve our customers better by cooperating with Simplex in order to benefit from Simplex’s experience and trust in credit card payment.

Privileges acquired with Simplex:

• Allows you to purchase crypto money by credit card. Moreover, with the highest security preferences you can perform these operations in a very secure way without worry.

• It enables you to shop with peace of mind by protecting you with its expert team against problems. Such as fraud while buying crypto money with credit card.

• Protects you from the risk of chargeback and does not allow such transactions.

• Enables you to easily make crypto money transactions from almost anywhere in the world.

* With Simplex’s expertise in fraud prevention, extensive banking network, extensive knowledge of blockchain technology. Experience in the cryptocurrency industry and proven reputation, it provides our valued customers with a secure, easy and fast credit card cryptocurrency experience.

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