Terms Of Use

Terms Of Use


Accessing to Cointral Platform (“Platform”) through https://cointral.com// which belongs to Blockchain  Lab Yazılım Anonim Şirketi (“Blockchain Lab” or “Our Company”) and using any information through the Platform and/or making any transfer means that you agree to the following terms.


Terms used in the Terms of Use shall be interpreted in accordance with the definitions below:

  • Sub-Limit: The lowest transaction value determined for users to make cryptocurrency transfer through the Cointral Platform,
  • Block:  The confirmation data and transaction record in the blockchain network
  • Cointral Platform: Cryptocurrency transaction platform available on the http://cointral.com/,
  • Double spending: The same cryptocurrency being traded more than once,
  • Website: https://cointral.com website operated by Our Company,
  • User: Identified or anonymous users accessing the Cointral Platform,
  • Cryptocurrency: Open source software alternative to digital and virtual currencies that enables secure transactions with encryption,
  • Force majeure: Events [i.e strikes, lockouts, war (independently of the declaration), civil war, terror attacks, earthquakes, fire, flood and other similar natural disasters, state decisions and acts etc. ] occurred outside the control of Our Company or User which cause  delay in transactions made through the Cointral Platform,
  • Transfer transaction: Buying and selling cryptocurrency through the Cointral Platform anonymously or pseudonymously.
  • Our Company shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damages that may be incurred due to the breach of the contract, tort or any other reason occurred as a result of accessing the Platform, using the information and other programs etc. on the Platform.
  • Each User may have only one account. The User may use the website only for the purpose of receiving the services defined in the Terms of Use.  If Our Company determines that the same User has multiple accounts; reserves the right to cancel, suspend or stop all accounts of the User without prior notice and Our Company does not have any responsibility for these transactions. Any legal and criminal responsibility arising out or will arise out of the cases referred to in this article shall be borne by the User.
  • Our Company accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any direct or indirect loss that may arise from the User’s failure to comply with the Terms of Use set forth in this section.
  • Our Company is a company independent from any other platforms and businesses which perform cryptocurrency trading transactions and is not a representative of any other company, website or institution. The User accepts, declares and undertakes that Our Company will not be responsible for the losses they suffer on other platforms.
  • The User is deemed to have read and accepted all statements made and will made by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Authority (“BRSA”) regarding the cryptocurrencies.
  • The User accepts, declares and undertakes he/she is over 18 years of age and has the ability to distinguish to use the Platform. The User accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she will be responsible for all damages that may arise as a result of the incorrect information.
  • Our Company reserves the right to amend, reorganize and suspend the information, any kind of services, products on the Website and Platform, as well as, the Website and the Term of Use without any prior notice. These amendments shall come into force on the date of publication. These changes are considered to be accepted by accessing the Website. These conditions will also apply to the other linked websites.
  • Our Company does not accept any responsibility for the interruption of the transaction, error, negligence, interruption, deletion, loss, delayed transaction or delayed correspondence, computer virus, communication error, theft, destruction or unauthorized access to the records, amendment or usage, as a result of the tort, negligence or other reasons.
  • The User accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she will use the Platform lawfully, otherwise he/she will be held responsible for all legal and criminal remedies in case of using the Platform for unlawful purposes.
  • In order to offer the best price in an instant, in the Cointral Platform accessed via the Website, Our Company offers the best cryptocurrency values provided by the cryptocurrency stock markets in favor of its Users. Accordingly, Our Company does not accept any responsibility for the differences between the estimated value offered in the beginning of the cryptocurrency transactions and the actual value of the cryptocurrency at the end of the transaction.
  • Our Company acts on behalf and account of the Users, who give transaction order, on the Cryptocurrency platforms on which our Company operates. Our Company does not take any responsibility for any operation of Cryptocurrency platforms nor give guarantee to the Users.
  •   Cointral Platform is a cryptocurrency buying and selling platform. Our Company conducts cryptocurrency transactions through the Platform. Therefore, the prices on the website are not determined by Our Company. Our Company cannot be held liable for any damages incurred or losses of the Users as a result of price changes.
  • .  The prices offered by Cointral Platform are determined according to the supply and demand relationship by the activities of the Users. There is no purchase and sale of cryptocurrency with any real currency in Cointral Platform, including the Turkish Lira, the US dollar and the European currency Euro.
  • The Users can make cryptocurrency transfers only limited to the Cryptocurrencies determined by the Cointral Platform. For more detailed information regarding the Cryptocurrencies subject to the transactions, please visit (https://cointral.com/) (…) webpage.
  • The Cryptocurrency transactions to be performed by the Users on the Cointral Platform are subject to the minimum limits determined by Our Company for each cryptocurrency. The Users cannot perform any transaction under the minimum limits determined by Cointral.  
  • The minimum transaction limit determined on the Cointral Platform is USD 30 and transactions below the minimum limit are not allowed. Furthermore, any cryptocurrency transaction which are below the minimum transaction limit are not refundable if the value of the transaction is below USD 15.  
  • In principle, Cryptocurrency transactions on the Cointral Platform cannot be divided. In case that the User would like to divide the transfer, the divided parts, which do not exceed the minimum transaction limit, shall only be accepted as a result of the verification made by Intelcom.
  • Our Company, accepts and declares to show maximum effort and that its technical infrastructure is sufficient to complete all transfers to be made by the Users as soon as possible, within 48 hours approximately. Even so, Our Company shall not be held responsible for the delayed transactions occurred due to the technical reasons or conditions other than our Company’s control (e.g force majeure).
  • The User is personally liable for all tax liabilities arising from the usage of the Cointral Platform.
  • The transactions conducted with credit cards on the Cointral Platform are carried out with the integration of our business partner, Simplex. In this case, Users continue to conduct transaction on the website of Simplex and the services which are provided by Simplex are binding only for the Simplex. Our Company does not accept any responsibility for any losses or damages that may arise from Simplex.
  • Cryptocurrency transactions are not refundable for the cryptocurrency transfers which are not exceeding the minimum limit of USD 15 and made anonymously on the Cointral Platform. The Users do not have the right to request the refund of Cryptocurrencies.
  • Our Company does not accept liability for the damages incurred as a result of the non-return of the cryptocurrencies.
  • In order to avoid double spending, the Cryptocurrency transfers made by the Users through the Cointral Platform are subject to the verification procedures required by each cryptocurrency’s own block.
  • The minimum transaction fee for each Cryptocurrency that can be transferred on the Cointral Platform have been determined.
  • Cointral Platform is entitled to receive a transaction fee from the User at a determined rate in the process of purchase and sale. This rate can be determined on the basis of a real currency, as well as a cryptocurrency subject to the transaction. The Fee Tariff includes the details regarding the transactions to be processed through a real currency or a service fee.
  • Cointral is entitled to amend the conditions set out in the Fee Tariff unilaterally, without approval of the Users or a prior notice to the Users; these amendments to the Fee Tariff shall be effective from date of publication and bind the User.
  • The cryptocurrency transfers made through the Platform are subject to the service charge and/or the transaction fees and since these cryptocurrency transfers are non-refundable, the related service charge cannot be withdrawn or returned. The User accepts, declares and undertakes that Our Company will not be held liable for the his/her incorrect transactions and that she/he will not ask for the return of his payment made to Our Company with regard to the service.
  • Any risk and liability for the transactions made on the Cointral Platform shall be borne by the Users. The Users accept, declare and undertake that they understand the risks of their investment in cryptocurrencies and that Our Company cannot be held responsible for the damages and losses caused or to be caused by the investment. The Users are responsible for the loss of profits and damages resulting from the price changes. The Users will not claim any rights from Our Company, in case of suffering from any loss or damage.
  • There are certain risks of investing in cryptocurrencies. The Users accept that they undertake these risks in the transactions carried out through the Cointral Platform and that Our Company does not have any responsibility in this regard.
  • Our Company’s employees, members of the board of directors and the persons who make the information available on the website have no legal and criminal liability for any damages arose or arising as a result of the User mistake.
  • Our Company offers the contents “as it is” to the Users. Our Company makes no warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including any merchantability, performance, marketability, for any of the contents provided. Our Company cannot be held liable for any negative damages or loss of profit that may arise from the usage of the contents. Any reference to a person / an organization /a company / a brand in the contents provided by Our Company is not intended to affect the market values of these individuals / organizations / companies / brands, their rankings according to the various criteria, brand values, or to provide a recommendation for the purchase, sale or retention of their shares.
  • Our Company cannot be held liable for any unlawful usage of the Cointral Platform and is entitled to take any legal and criminal action and security measures against the User.
  • Our Company pays the necessary attention and care to ensure that the transactions carried out by the User in the fastest and safest way, despite of all efforts made by Our Company, all responsibilities arising from undesirable events such as theft, fraud etc.  are born on the User.
  • Any content contained in the Cointral Platform, directly or indirectly available to Users, is obtained from third parties and publicly available sources; Our Company takes due care to ensure the accuracy and reliability of all the information and documents provided to the Users through the Website. All content in the Cointral Platform is only for informative purposes and Our Company does not accept any liability for the accuracy or inaccuracy of this content.
  • Our Company aims to ensure that the software and content offered through the Website is always accessible and accurate; however, Our Company does not accept any responsibility for any damages that may arise from malfunctions in this regard.
  • All risks and responsibilities arising from the using method and intended usage of the Cointral Platform belong to the Users. Our Company is not obliged to monitor how cryptocurrencies have been used, whether they have been used in any crime and for what purpose cryptocurrencies have been transferred on the Cointral Platform. Our Company does not accept any liability for positive and negative loss/damages of the Users or third parties, arising from or may arise from the misuse of cryptocurrencies.
  • Cryptocurrency transfers instructed by the Users on the Website is carried out conditionally on the fulfillment of their obligations. Our Company has no liability for any damages arising from the user’s failure to comply with the conditions set forth by Our Company, or circumventing these conditions by directly or indirectly.
  • Our Company shall not be held liable for failure to fulfill its obligations in full or in due time as a result of force majeure. The reasons attributable to the User’s own fault are not considered as Force Majeure.
  • In case of force majeure, Our Company has the right to decide on the suspension, continuation, termination or discharge of the services provided on the Cointral Platform, as the sole authority.
  • Our Company cannot be held responsible for any technical faults that may occur on its Website.

The User accepts, declares and undertakes that she/he has separately and in whole read and understands the Cointral Terms of Use.

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