The Most Popular Privacy-Oriented Cryptocurrencies

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The Most Popular Privacy-Oriented Cryptocurrencies

In this article, we will evaluate the privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies that caused separations in the cryptocurrency industry. The first of the two that have been the focus of the debate does not trust the privacy feature of these cryptocurrencies. In the meanwhile, others say they find this system reliable and successful.

So which cryptocurrencies are these? How do they work?


As Bitcoin is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to cryptocurrency, Monero is the same when talking about privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency released in 2014 is a fork of Bytecoin.

The abbreviation of Monero is XMR. With its privacy, speed and security features, Monero stands out in this highly developed world of technology. Users can manage everything themselves in Monero’s system. In other words, they are their own banks. To elaborate, other people will not be able to see your balance and or follow your transactions. For this reason, you can perform your transactions safely in Monero.

The foundation of Monero is quite solid. The privacy feature is very well-built. In this way, it is be easily distinguished from other competitors. Due to these features, there is a perception of “Monero = Trust” in the market. The sender, the recipient and the quantity sent are never seen by third parties.


Verge was launched in 2014 the same year with Monero; its first name was DogeCoin Dark. Verge is open source like other cryptocurrencies. In 2016, its name was changed to Verge. Verge is famous for its privacy policy by taking example of Monero’s revolutionary policy.

Verge is obliged to protect your privacy, while also allowing you to transact directly. Aiming to bring together the features of blockchain technology and provide quality services to its users in many parts of the world, Verge allows you to make transactions safely and quickly. Another important feature of Verge is the flexible payment service.

Verge provides a secure transaction opportunity to crypto users with unsigned transactions. Verge’s abbreviation is XVG. Verge, using privacy networks such as TOR and I2P, renders users’ transactions untraceable.

The future of privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies

Confidential cryptocurrencies can break the bias of users and other people for security by preserving their virtual features. In this way, it can be a much more preferable coin in terms of an investment tool. It can even be a profitable port for users who want to invest.

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