The Rapid Rise In Bitcoin Could Be Experienced, According To Experts!

Cointral Marketing Manager
The Rapid Rise In Bitcoin Could Be Experienced, According To Experts!

As of November 7, the decline in Bitcoin continues. For leading cryptocurrency, which is hard to keep at $ 9,000, experts think that positive developments can be experienced in the medium term.

Bigger attacks may come from last week’s rise!

According to Coin360 data, the BTC / USD parity is trying to hold around $ 9,000, a bit-down of 2.76 percent. According to Wyckoff, author of news portal Kitco, significant improvements could be made to leading cryptocurrency before the end of the week. The surge appears to be a big price harbinger, he said, avoiding giving clear information on the date for the big move he expects; he said: “it could even be this week.”

Pope, one of the authors of the Cointelegraph, likens the period to 2017!

According to the Cointelegraph author, The price of Bitcoin in 2016 was compared to the period before the price jumped to a record level of 20,000 USD and continued. Bitcoin has entered the post 14,000 USD correction process, according to the author, and this is the harbinger of the big rise that will come. The price estimate of the author, who expects a significant rise before the half -block prize in May, is around 22,000 USD.

After the developments, let’s see if the experts will be justified in their views.

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