What is a Cryptocurrency Whale?

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What is a Cryptocurrency Whale?

What is the Whale that Affects Bitcoin and Altcoins?

The whale, as widely known, is a very large mammal that lives in oceans. The “whale” we’ll talk about in this article are the people who are called as whales in the cryptocurrency market.  As frequently encountered in real life as well, Whale is the person who collects the goods from the hands of the small investors and changes the market and market prices with his transactions.

In this article, we will explain how whales can change crypto money markets. Have a pleasant reading.

What is the Significance of Whales?

Let us proceed with an example to convey the importance of whales to you. Consider country A. Suppose that 10% of the shares owned by a company in Country A are owned by one person. In the event that this person suddenly sells all their shares, other shareholders and stock market followers are selling their shares at a price below their value, thinking that there is a problem.

Furthermore, the person who sells all of his shares buys 15% of the company again and thus increases his stake. Paniced users suffer from selling for less than their share value. People who we call whales are collecting shares cheaply in this way.

The negative effects of this situation cause losses to many Bitcoin and altcoin holders on the market.  The fact that one person has made a big profit and the others have suffered is an issue that makes us, crypto currency holders worry.

How do I not be affected by the Whale?

The articles on this site are definitely not investment advice. However, you can develop major strategies to protect yourself from whale movements. The most important of these strategies is to avoid panic trading. Because of your panic trading, whales can buy shares at much lower prices. Another important issue is to remain calm in the sudden rise and fall of a coin type that you consider as an investment. Investing and analyzing from many sources before you invest in the coins will make you feel comfortable.

In this article, we talked about the whale movements of the world of crypto money. If you want to know more about crypto coins, you can visit our blog. With Cointral you can make your trading transactions safely and quickly.

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