What is Ardor Coin?

Cointral Marketing Manager
What is Ardor Coin?

In short, Ardor Coin is a blockchain platform that helps Nxt’s child chains and Nxt’s Blockchain infrastructure. It has been specially designed for the individual and to allow simple and single placement as a small child chain.

Nxt constantly tells users that they should not be concerned about security. This is due to the fact that this section is controlled by the main chain. Ardor has many features like this. Let’s have a look at those features.

Ardor and Features

One of the most important features of Ardor is that there is more than one sub-chain connected to the main chain.

ARDR is a token that uses the PoS(Proof of Stake) algorithm. This algorithm provides a high level of security for all subchains. Child chain tokens are used as the unit of process value in the subchains.

Some features such as digital product, asset exchanges, nicknames, chat systems, monetary systems, account features, data stores, phasing are included in the child chain.

The calculations are generally counted in all subchains. Any account can have a balance in both its own subchains and Ardor.

MS currencies and assets can be processed into child chains and used in global trade. Ms currencies or assets may be restricted according to demand.

Coin exchanges allow trading of the subchain coins with each other and also with the main chain coins.

All subchains have crowdfunding characteristics.

How ARDR Works

Ardor, the ARDR blockchain-as-a-Service platform, was designed by Jelurida using the proven features of the reliable and robust Nxt blockchain infrastructure.

How much is Ardor Coin?

As of October 26, 2019, Ardor Coin is traded at a value of $ 0.050700. With a daily volume of $2.717.657, the market value of Ardor Coin is worth $ 50.649.342 USD. With Cointral, you can buy Ardor Coin as well as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Tether, BNB Coin and more than 1200 cryptocurrencies.

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