What is Binance Exchange?

The word Binance consists of the combination of the words binary (binary) and finance (finance). Founded in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao, also known as CZ, Binance has managed to become a world-famous cryptocurrency trading platform in terms of commercial volume since 2018. Binance, in which many cryptocurrencies are listed, offers a variety of services. Binance Exchange provides its users with a lot of different currencies on top of USD and Bitcoin, and stands out with the variety of rare altcoins. Binance has a structure dedicated to continuous improvement. It has also created an ecosystem with its various features.

The main reason for this scale to grow in a short time like 3 years is the target of providing quality service to its users. The headquarters of Binance is built in China. Spreading to Tokyo, Japan, Binance later found it appropriate to move to Malta due to the strict regulations of Japan and China. Binance is one of the most successful examples in its field with approximately 1.4 million order processing capacity per second.

Binance Features

One of the most important features in Binance is Binance Lab, which is like a blockchain factory. You can include your projects in the incubation programs as part of this program. Or, as an investor, you can participate in existing projects. Another feature standing out is Binance Launchpad. With Binance Launchpad, you can build your own personal cryptocurrency and ICO, Initial Coin Offering. Furthermore, with Charity, another feature of Binance, you can participate in social responsibility projects with blockchain infrastructure. With Binance Academy, you can access courses about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

As you know, security is extremely important in cryptocurrency systems. Binance is known as a highly secure platform. Users who complete KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements can become a member of Binance and secure their digital assets with high-level security layers. Binance continues to improve its security every day.

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